Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Laughing Out Load!

Everyday I go to work just for a couple of hours. Yesterday, I did not noticed that while playing with kids I did hymn singing. It also happened that kids wanted to draw something that catch their interest. So , I was with them and one cute kid noticed that I am singing and here it goes:

Kid: Hey, are you singing?
Me : No! (Denial)..Lol!
Kid: You are singing, what is that song?
Me: No, I am not singing.
Kid: Can you sing it loud? For us to understand.
Me: No! I am not a singer and I am not singing.

Note: I was singing 'bisayan' song just a 'hymn'. LOL!

Then Silent! Then I heard suddenly that kid singing a song which she don't know the title. Then one kid asked her , hey what are you singing?

Kid: No, I am not singing.
Another Kid: You sing nothing?
Kid: Yes. Nothing!
Me: Can you sing it loud?
Kid: No, I am like you singing nothing....

What a kid.... and the other kid laugh out loud. So we laugh. Relax and happy together.


Mayet said...

hi! just want to ask if it was really you who ask for my e-mail address in my comment box. I have sent you one already kasi.


Dhemz said...

hhahaha...mabuang ko...hahahhaa...shuang lagi ka sis...pati bata imo g ilad...ikaw pod kay wala pod ni kanta...sayang ang imong tingog...hehhehe!