Thursday, January 6, 2011

Motivation Where Are You?

What is happening to me. The 2011 starts but my motivation to work online stops for awhile. I don't know why, sorry to say but I lost some opportunities because of my laziness now. I am trying to get back. Today I lost three hahahah... funny that is the result of my being so *tamad*. Well, I will try to check more and looking forward for an energy , I need GAS to start up. Seems like my mind has nothing to write, I just keep reading online news and accepting jobs but I let them expired... *winks*!

Well, well, well have a nice day everyone. Yes tomorrow is Friday, one of my favorite day haha.. Need to have blog marathon.... 1,2,3 GO!


Mayet said...

hi! thanks for stopping by!
have a great wkend.;)

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Anne.

Do not worry. You are not alone. I've lost a lot of opps, too because I've been really lazy the past months... Whew! Trying to get back to blogging as much as possible. Not sure though if I can be as active as I used to be.

Happy new year! Mwah!

Anne said...

@sis Max: sis thanks for dropping, yup truly don't know what's going on hahaha... but need to finished some. Thanks for droppin happy new year as well.

@Mayet: sis, thanks for dropin back again.

analou said...

That what also I am experiencing for this past few weeks Anne. My mind seems doesn't want to go to work....Haaaayyyyyy...ako pod dane perte na ka tapols oi....Musta na?

kat said...

oi anne, mustamoz man ka diha...hahaha...ako pod naka expire ug opps hahahaha