Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am shocked while reading news online tonight. I read about the (LRT)-EDSA Station along Taft Avenue, Pasay City Philippines "accidentally" fired his shotgun, according to the radio report said.

I cannot really imagine why people are getting into this situation. We don't really know what is behind in this accident. At first I am scared because LRT or MRT are usually what people used to everyday.

According to yahoo news: The injured reportedly include three males and four females, who were taken to the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Pasay.

The victims were standing in front of the LRT station when the security guard accidentally fired his weapon. They sustained several wounds on the feet and arms.

Scary right? Hope everything will be fine!


S-H-Y said...

Yeah it is really scary, I wondered how comes the security guard accidentally fire his gun..

Dhemz said...

oh my golly...kahadlok sa panahon karon...:(

musta na sis...hope all is well...agi ko dire kadali sis....tuod,
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reyapot said...

parang di ko to alam sis? :-D
buti ka pa alam mo balita sa manila hahaha...

pasyal ka naman sa blogs ko teh! ;-)

caloy said...

namasyal dine.. hope u can visit my blogs too.. see u sis!