Friday, February 18, 2011

No Winter Vacation!

My favorite day is FRIDAY! I am always looking forward to have that day in the week. Sometimes days run too slow for me. So now, I am thankful and finally FRIDAY! Anyway, next week it is winter vacation here but sad to say I DON'T HAVE VACATION. I will have to take another course and it will be next week the whole week so no vacation. So sorry for me. Aside from that I cannot go to work also because I need to be in school for 5 hours a day. So , just school and mall. LOL!

Anyway, for this class there will be 28 students who will take English class. I supposed to take up tagalog version but then no teacher available for this time. So I must have to go for english.

Anyway, have a happy winter time folks! It is still cold here!

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