Saturday, March 26, 2011

Renovating My Main Site

Folks, I am really planning to renovate the template of this blog. This is my first blog and this is where I start to know about blogging. This is where I start to learn about blogging. My cousin Nita bought this domain for me and she taught me everything about this. At first I did not mind of how this page looks like. I really planned to renovate this. I am looking for someone who can make my template here.

A Journey Towards Success is really memorable to me. I don't really want to change the look but it seems so messy now. My other sites has their own template already and I am thinking for this main page. It seems so unfair, I must have to give this a blast also.

So hoping can really find someone who can design simple and neat! So, if anybody here capable to make a layout, let me know. The price must be reasonable if possible. I don't want to invest much expensive lay-out! LOL!


reyapot said...

that's a good idea sis.. good luck! looking forward to your blog's new look..

Anonymous said...

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Your stoгy-tеlling stуle is аweѕοme, κeeр ԁoing what you're doing!

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