Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Medical Scrubs Ever

A bit sleepy today at work and in school. The class went fine and the job as well. I met one filipina at the store before going back home. She is a newly mom and so lucky to met her today and it is her birthday too! We mingled immediately and she was with her 2 weeks old son and her husband was there too. So I have new friend but don't know when will be the next time to see her.

Anyway, I am currently checking out medical uniforms tonight. It is not for me but in behalf of my dearest cousin who is graduating this April. She took nursing and excited to work. I can imagine her excitement. So, she told me to help her find medical scrub top. This is for her to have idea about uniforms in the hospital or in a clinic. Don't know yet where she can find work in the future. Hoping so!

We also check on doctor uniform because the page where we landed has a lot of medical uniforms that can be used for nurses, mid-wifes, doctors and other medical related stuff. So, for my cousin the right place for you is at www.blueskyscrubs.com/. Have a happy surfing!

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The bully teacher said...

Indeed, there are a lot of online shops and stores that offer medical scrubs, basic scrubs and fashion scrubs, eh. And since your cousin will be a nurse soon, I think she must also know what really are scrubs are for. Here is the history of nursing scrubs revealed.
The Evolution of Basic Nursing Scrubs to Fashion Scrubs