Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reaching Out 1000 Postings?

Oh gosh! Goodness! I am so happy checking out this 1st blog site of mine. As of this post I reach out to 1000 posts. I am so happy, cannot imagine after 2 years of being active in blogging now I reach this thousand of postings.

This site is my first ever website! This was just trial and error before but from time to time I am encourage to be more active and of course my great cousin Nita encourage me and now here I am active and addicted!

Actually I really want to renovate this page. This is the only page without own template! Poor site, my other website looks so fabulous as they have their own template but here look it is a bit messy haha... * A Bit* take note not much. LOL!

Hope can find someone who can renovate my template!

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