Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Renewal Success!

Ufff.... 3 in a row! I renewed three domains tonight! One of them is my foreignpinay which is due tomorrow. I am always in rush. Thanks I made it before the expiration. I cannot imagine that my 3 blogs are now 1 year old. I would like to congratulate them as they rock in the world of blogging.

For one year they got PR2 and in fairness I am so lazy to apply them in PB. They are just solid to one but I will try to work it out this time. Renewal for three costed USD 27.96. I need repleneshment moolah... hahaha!

Guys if you have time check out my one year old blogs. It is their birthday today! Let us celebrate, oppss! I will celebrate. LOL!

Here they are:

Foreign Pinay.Com
Home Decors And Gifts
Mix and Match Online

Still counting for more! Wish I Could. Renewal is a bit expensive you know!

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