Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today's Deals Wine Tasting !

I have a friend who frequently travels to Washington D.C. and I had told her that I would like to go with her someday. I always wonder what things there are to do in Washington D.C. since I know that it is such a big city, there are always many events so I think if I were to go, I would need to find out where to go, and which places have great deals.

Well, just recently, I came across a website called Socially Ideal dot com where you can find great Washington DC Deals and also interesting places to go. Right now for example, they have an offer to go to a wine tasting festival only a few miles away from Washington D.C. Best of all this current deal is only $15.00 per person, and I think that would be interesting since I have never been to a wine tasting festival before. I also like the fact that you can pay for this event over the internet and refer it to friends over the internet by using several different social networks, and I even noticed that when referring a friend you can get $10.00 for referring people.

So if you are not into Wine tasting, don’t worry, at Socially Ideal dot com they have many other deals that are of course discounted, and they always have a new deal each day, if you just check on the column that says, “Today’s deals”. The other thing I like about this, is that it has detailed description of the event that is currently being offered as well as a map of the event, and even review from people who have been to the event before, and there is even a place where you can submit your email so that you can receive all of the updates for these events. So why not check out what Socially Ideal dot com has to offer, you will be glad you did.

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