Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your Direct Mail Printing

This direct mail printing page has been in my bookmarked months ago. This is a page where I can really use in the future or even I can refer to a friend who needs personalized templates like: calling cards, brochures, paper printing and etc! I am so fascinated with their affordable offers and imagine that this is a well-known online printing services at wholesale printing prices!

You can check their online page if you are in need! Me and my old officemate where talking to this one weeks ago. She is the one who replaced my position at work before. It is so happened that they need new calling cards for employee this year. So, what a good timing! I told her to check around at She was extremely happy and thankful that I recommended this page to her.

She can send a proposal to her boss! I am looking forward to see their new calling card. I actually still have my old calling cards before. I just keep it as remembrance!

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