Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Certified ISO !!!

I remember when I was working in an I.T company before, that company is a ISO certified . Every year we had to renew it and take several test and surveys. It was exciting yet a bit boring. I mean I am one of the leader but when ISO audits comes I feel so pressured and tired with lot of paper works , etc. The good thing for ISO is that , the company used to be more equipped and with correct systematic procedures in everything.

We carried different materials , both technical and I.T products. It was a good company where I was working for almost 13 years. Three months ago my uncle who works there need some new equipment that is ISO certified also. I mean they need to buy hydraulic hose from a supplier who is ISO certified. They cannot buy it just anywhere. So, that could be interesting for him to find out where they can buy it!

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osi model said...

I agree with you but your company get more benefit when you get ISO