Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glassware For Her Wedding

By this coming July, I am invited to attend a wedding for my classmate. She invited me and I am so glad that I am one of those. In fact, in our class we are four including our teacher. So, I am looking forward for this big event. This will be my first time to attend a Muslim wedding if ever. I do not have any idea on what the wedding could be for Muslims, but to make sure this will be fine and it is also good to know their wedding tradition and rituals.

So, I am starting to plan for a wedding gift. I did not yet ask her but just planning ahead of time. I will ask my mates also and maybe we can share each other! One thing in my mind is to give glassware such as: wine glass, champagne saucer sets, tumbler set or more. In most wedding this is very common. I remember before during our wedding we got glassware too! So maybe a good idea? What do you think folks.

Planning for gift should have a budget! So starting to save also! In other way around, I am considering for glass vases also. This friend of mine will start a family and she loves to buy home decors. So, what a good idea to give her glass vase that she can use at home! I heard that they are planning to buy a house after their wedding. Perfect and wise gift also!

Anyway, since I am thinking to give her glassware or vase , I am now attached at http://www.forevercrystal.co.uk/. This is an online page where I can rely on for buying home wares and home stuff. In fact I love surfing their champagne glasses section. Cool and prices are very affordable. So will see what will be my gift for the couple. Hope can find best for them!

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