Saturday, May 14, 2011

It Is Fiesta Time!

Saturday is the day! I was able to call my mom again. It is nice to hear from them once in a while. Tomorrow is our barangay fiesta and I am aware that my family will have visitors. In fact during my call, our relatives was there also. They gather together there! Mama, told me that she is so happy that I called up again. I can feel how happy she is. I am happy as well! Dad was there too and we talked as well.

One of my sister went home also this time. So, I am happy that they are all fine and having good fiesta day. In other part of the world, after calling them I log in online and checking out laptops. I am not planning to buy this time, but a friend of mine. Her birthday will on July and she has enough money for buying new laptop for her.

So a good timing that she can possibly buy discounted one. At I found several laptops , branded , nice and perfect! This page called as the sound of savings. So pretty sure she can order easily online!

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