Monday, June 27, 2011

PR's Update!

Two years of keeping my 2 PR3's blog and today I lost them both. They are now lower to PR2. Sad but this is the reality of online blogging. My main blog and my travel (Best Travel and Tours) are no longer PR3.

My other blog which before was PR2 became PR1 , my PR0's blog became Pr1. Well, I must have to accept the fact that it is the reality. I must have to face it! In other way around I just hope that everything will be fine and hope I can really have the drive to update them now.

I've been to lazy weeks ago and suddenly PR's update came and then lost some treasures!
Here are the updates: I have 9 blogs and see how it looks like now!

Before PR3 became PR2
Before PR2 became PR1
Before PR0 became PR1

No more Pr3 now, BUT hope for the best!!!! One day they will come back in time... hoping!


☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Ana jd siguro ang online life hehe you have no full control of everything, naka depende rata ky Google

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Gen.

I wasn't aware about the PR update. When man? Wala pako nakita nga changes sa akong blog. Hoping na dili unta mubaba ang PRs. Kulbaan man ko ui.

Hopefully, your PRs will come back in time. Hope you'll keep blogging! Mwah!!

SEe you soon, perhaps.. one day?

Dhemz said...

not bad sis...sos, ako ani way pag asa woi...mingaw naman tawon kau ang panagat...ahhaha!

musta na sis...hope all is well...thanks sa pag accept sa last friends nata...nyahahaha!