Saturday, July 16, 2011

300 USD Is Coming!

Goodness! Time to check out things for blogging. Two days ago I am in the mood of checking out my notes for blogging. I had a lot of small paper on my table , so I decided to check them one by one and threw some other stuffs that are not important at all.

While checking out my old book , I found out that I need to remind some adverts for their renewal of links. Total of 300 USD must be renewed. You know guys, I already forgot it and they were expired last month so they have now one month free advertising on my other blog. So , I immediately send them message and hoping that they will still continue working with me and there 300 dollars will be in my pocket again.

Hoping for best! So guys if you are a blogger check your notes and keep it updated!


my journey said...

what that is quite a big amount of money,,, congrats to you

analou said...

I should keep a note too. That a lot of money Anne. Hope they will renew para daghan napod ato wawarts dane.

hopeful said...

Wow! Kadako ana sis nga money as advertising alone. Maayo na pang shopping. heheheh.