Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meyda Lighting

Last week I got the chance to visit one of my Filipina friends around. Just got amazed when entering in their home, she got a new interior design! She and her husband decided to finally finish their project before the end of this summer. So finally it looks so perfect and beautiful inside. They had different lights that reflect into each corner of their sofa area. So relaxing indeed!

She told me that they got the idea of those lamps online. Before they purchased they have to look upon at . This is the place where helps them a lot to decide which one fits on their cute condo. So tonight , finally I got the chance to visit the page also and there I found different lamps such as : rustic lamps, log lamps, meyda lighting, meyda lamps and a lot more. This is a cool online page which gives total blast of all lamps that most homes need. So I will kept this place and surely can be use in the future!

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