Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oslo March In Grief and Unity

Yesterday thousands of people gathered in Oslo centrum to symphatized those who are affected with the bombing and massacre. I am so sad of what had happened! I cannot imagine how it goes! Norway is known as one of the best peaceful country in the world. But last Friday somebody breaks the silence! That breaking bombing in Oslo and shooting in an island is really horrible!

Yesterday, people are gathered in Oslo and many of them holding up red and white roses for remembrance, the prime minister Jens Stoltenberg has his voice trembling with emotion during his speech in front of all who was there:

He said this line:
"By taking part you are saying a resounding 'yes' to democracy." He called the Rose March a "march for democracy, a march for tolerance, a march for unity".

For now... all I can contribute is prayers and safety for this country and to all the people! God is in control of everything!

And God places us in positions to help those suffering, whether it is
just a smile, lending a listening ear, or pursuing a career in social work.
Maybe now is the time to look into doing a greater good; see onlinesocialworkdegree.org.

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