Friday, July 1, 2011

Promotional Products

School indeed last week and I took another one week special subject course and finally done it all today! So happy and indeed it is vacation from school. Anyway, I checked out my facebook account today and read some updates from my family and friends. One of my sister is scheduled to have her practice teaching. This year is her last year in college school. So she is a bit busy and don't have time to go online! She is preparing all things that she needed like: pen, laser pointer, pencil, art papers and more.

I know that she is into budgeting so must have to minimize the expenses. So , I decided to send her message to check out promotional products online where she can order in a very reasonable price. This is a help for her! I am so glad also because I can check for my own needs in this coming next school year. This is both for me and my sister!

Aside from school supplies my sister needs a bag also. A bag where she can put all her teaching materials. The good thing, I found everything she needs that include pen and customized bags at One stop shop! So hoping that I can help her find online.

Anyway, I can let you see my old notebook , pen and a pencil that I used in school this year. I need to replenish them! I want to have same color pink and gray! See here!

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laikka said...

weee..i want that too..heheh! have a great weekend gen:) see you around!