Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Vacation Starts!

Today is my last day at work and finally my summer vacation will start tomorrow. So glad and I can relax at home! Today , got to know more about my work mates and we were talking about places where we will spend the rest of the summer time. One of them are scheduled next week for London and others will be going to Denmark, different destination indeed! So one mate suggested to get medical air evacuation assistance insurance. She said that is it safe to have insurance while traveling. I agree with that.

She told us that she and her husband had experienced some kind of emergency while they were in London. Her husband got some food allergy, so they went to the nearest hospital and just presented their card insurance and immediately they got help and pay nothing for hospital bills. So smart right? So while surfing tonight got the chance to read the medical air evacuation offer from and indeed very wise to get and to have it!

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