Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is Summer Ends?

Well, today it rains a lot and the other day it had some showers too! The wind is a bit colder now. Is the summer ends soon? I miss swimming , going outdoor and grilling. Picking up bearies in the forest and going around the corner. Well, this is normal and looking forward for the next season.

I am just thankful enough that I enjoyed my summer vacation, compared last year! Hope next year will be more adventures coming over!


MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Gen. Sadly, spring's on its way. Summer's been and gone. We need to wait for some months before summer's back. Ouch!

Glad you enjoyed your summer 2011. Your summer 2012 will definitely be better!

Hugs from Sweden.

caloy said...

good to hear that sis..sana next year more summer fun for u..

im happy for u sis.. enjoying your life there.. hanap mo nga ako ng bf dyan lol