Monday, August 22, 2011

My Lucky or Unlucky Day?

I went to school early morning today. I decided to take the train for a change. I want to get use of using train than bus. This year my plan is to ride by train everyday when going to school. Lsst year, I did all by taking bus and it was good!

So, at around 7.55 , I was at the train station. First I need to get ticket, upon checking the machine it says some messages in 'norsk' language. I understand it, I tried to press the screen (touch screen) and it did not work. I asked some folks around and they said 'ya it is not working' So what should I do? A woman told me just go inside the train and pay to the conductor, and if I do that I will pay more extra. It will almost be doubled. So no choice I must have to.

My plan is to explain to the conductor. If she/he will not understand me so then nothing to do but pay. A woman from Thailand approach and ask me if I am a vietnamese (I said No). Then she said (You are a Thai) I send NO! Then when sitting inside the train the conductor is coming. I am prepared to explain and prepared my money.

Then suddenly the Thai woman pay and she included me. WHAT? A blessing. Then I supposed to give her the amount but she said NO it is ok. So my day can be lucky or in other way around unlucky because of the machine.

So tomorrow , I am not that sure yet what to take BUS or TRAIN. Will see, hoping the machine is working now. In other way around, Thanks to that Thai woman, sorry I forgot her name it was difficult one.

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