Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dedicated Servers Is A Must

Counting all the blessing is amazing! Today , I got a mail that confirms about my application for a computer course. For those who don't know yet, I am a computer programmer graduate and been working in an I.T company for almost 13 years but during those years I did not put much attention on programming. So now that I am here in Norway, I want to really continue my profession and just today got message that I will start my course on the 19th this month. I am looking forward and excited.

So by tonight, I am trying again to read computer terms and small applications. I suddenly remembered how I started to learn and appreciate having dedicated server in our office before. Having dedicated server is necessary specially if you have your own business or running several computers at the same time.

We had two dedicated servers before and it gives us more freedom, no worries and our works become faster and safer. Dedicated server are administrative overhead functionality resembling discovering and managing skilled crew, planning infrastructure expansion, create catastrophe recovery plan, and preserve an assist team. So, I am thankful that working with programmers gives you more knowledge when it comes to computer matters.

Dedicated server are both good, but each for themselves in different areas of it world where they can show their maximum potential. Depending on how your business will flow you decide between the shared hosting, vps and dedicated server. Another thing to consider is to have a very good and have a reliable dedicate hosting or dedicated server hosting . This will make your server more stronger than ever. So must remember : Dedicated Servers Is A Must to avoid problem in your business!

AE Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by webservices that gives information about dedicated servers. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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