Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free From School Next Week!

I am looking forward for quick off from school. Two days is not bad at all. Next week Monday and Tuesday I got free from not going to school. This is a break for me! Tomorrow is Friday so, will be having 4 days off that includes weekend.

Anyway, my teacher is so kind today. She did not gave any assignment because she wants all to go out and get a bit sun since today is a sunny day! Thanks teacher. Well, anyway I have to park now I am a bit sleepy!

Have a good night everyone!

1 comment:

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Anne! Good to know that you're on "vacation"! No school for four days --- that's great! At least the brain can rest awhile :)

Hope you are doing great and by the way, you look dashing in that photo. So sexy.

Lots'a love,
Maxi :)