Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Save The Best For Last

Saving money is hard. Every month I look at our expenses and wonder where all the money goes. We try cutting back on all expenses, but it does not seem to make up much ground. I know that our cost cutting measures are helping, but I like to see instant gratification. That’s why when I shop online, I use coupons in the checkout to get instant savings. It is great when you enter that coupon code, press enter, and then your new purchase amount appears. I can see the savings in action and it makes me comfortable with my purchase. The best is when I can combine online deals with coupons.

For example, my kids love clothes from American Eagle. If I go online to ae.com, they have a clearance and sale section with discounted merchandise. I can find a few items in there and use American Eagle Coupons to further save on this purchase. Perfect way to save money! Check out the top retailers online and you will find similar deals and savings.

If you are looking for something for yourself, check out Nordstrom. They introduced a new policy of free shipping and free returns. If you are like me, I love to shop online, but I don’t want to pay for shipping and if it does not fit, I like to return it without any hassles. You can also use Nordstrom Coupons to get additional savings off your order. Good luck shopping and hope this helps you gain instant savings on all your purchases.


Happiness said...

I like collecting coupons too sis. Every penny helps jud. We can use the money we save for something else.

Deal Promocodes said...

hey thanks for posting this article i will get discount on nordstrom clothing with the help of your post