Sunday, October 16, 2011

Folk Dance Champion!

I am proud as may say! My sister Ai is really a good dancer in their school. She joined dancing when she started in her first year college. I remember so well how nervous she was when she joined the first in the school. At first I was against and I told her that I don't have enough money to support her aside from her school tuition fees and other expenses. But she insisted. She tried to find some income through singing in a band. She is clever and really striving to find ways.

Now, aside from singing she is very active in school activities and she is now in her last year in school meaning she is in 4th year college. As her ate I am so proud that her dance group always got the trophies in the school contest and other programs. So proud of you sissy. Just two weeks ago they got it to the champion best in Folk Dance. So sharing here some pictures of her and her co-dance mates.

They wore a very nice FilipiƱa dress.


Catherine said...

Congratulations! It is nice how supportive you are of your family. That is a blessing. Catherine

Anne said...

@catherine, thanks so much. Yes, supporting each and everyone brings happiness and joy in the family. Thanks for dropping.