Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Printer Needs New Toner

Until now, our printer is still not working. My sister needs it badly. She has a lot to do, she already started on her thesis paper in school. She always go out into a café to print some documents. It cost a lot. We computed it and it really costing much than using printer at home. So, we consider to buy a bulk of hp toner cartridges as soon as possible.

The reason why we did not buy toner for quite long time is just because we are in tight budget. Toner cost a lot and sometimes they just printing and printing unimportant document. So it cost paper and toner. But now I told her to see to it that the toner will last and it should be use properly. Luckily tonight I found online page where I can order cartridge. So very soon our printer will be at work again!

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analou said...

It reminds me of what had happen at work yesterday. I faxed my paperwork to one of my bosses and I wanted to print the receipt of my fax and tried it several times but I finally saw a note but few feet away from the fax machine that it was out with toner..........