Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reminiscing The Day I Started Blogging!

What's come out into my mind today is reminiscing the day I start blogging. I don't beleive in writing and blogging before. I don't beleive that bloggers earn money from their crazy blogging addict. In short I don't believe in blogging. LOL! Sounds stupid but that was the reality for me.

After one blog , I stopped I felt that blogging is complicated and it is not my line. I stop and stop! But their is one person who always encourage me to go on and on. No other than my mentor Nita. She is really a certified blogger who never surrender. LOL! So what happen next, I continue blogging and until such time that I got my very first own income and that was in the amount of USD 5. I cannot explain my feelings I was so overwhelmed and super happy. I even spread it to all my mates at work that I earn and it is really true.

So, by then I was busy by my work and other personal stuff. I just on and off again. I am stupid in a way because I am still hard to convinced about this blogging world. So then my cousin told me again and remind me that blogging needs no boss, you are the boss whenever and whatever it takes. I just said ok and yes that time! LOL.

After months , I realized that I need to blog and try really ! Then the magic begins. I start to appreciate the beauty of writing and in blogging. I start gaining more friends and know more a bit on making more and more blogs. So now, I have 14 blogs and still counting.

So lesson learn: Don't judge the book by its cover. I mean in every ways try to check more and learn the beauty of each stuff. Appreciate little things and think positive. Now, I am happy to be part of the bloggers community.

Happy blogging people and it helps in many ways!!! Keep the spirit!

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