Friday, November 4, 2011

A Complete Massage Today!

My body is so relaxed today, after a massage. A friend of my friend did it. She is a nurse by profession but she do massage too. Feeling your body so relaxed is really a good Friday treat!

So, giving a treat for myself is very much ok. The payment is not that cheap but then thinking that my back feels well so nothing compares. Anyway, thanks to my friend who invited me.

By the way , do you know that massage gives the following benefits?
1.) Massage may boost immunity. Several studies have measured the stress hormone called cortisol in subjects' saliva before and after massage sessions, and found dramatic decreases.

2.) Massage reduces hypertension, suggests a good deal of research. This may be because it stimulates pressure receptors that prompt action from the vagus nerve, one of the nerves that emerges from the brain.

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