Thursday, November 17, 2011

Job Hunting Day!

Today I was in job hunting , got an invitation week ago about job possibilities nearby. So all in class today went there but before hand we are all prepared to give CV's. It was held in a hotel near in the school. Just 2-3 minutes walk. It was full and a lot of applicants, but there was more than 10 companies who entertained applicants. I had 10 CV's' with me.

We are told to talk to them and ask jobs availability. Note that it's my first time to do it, giving out and inquiring jobs. A woman asks me and talk to me in Norwegian and she is the leader of one of the I.T company around Oslo. She was so nice and she asks my CV. But some of them don't want to accept CV they want you to log-in in their website and submit your CV there.

So out of 10 CV's' I was only able to give out 5 not bad at all. So, as of the moment I tried opening those websites that they gave. I found a lot of jobs that are perfect. Telecomm Specialist Jobs, I.T and logistics, boutique and store cashiers, cleaning , nurses and more. So glad that I was able to attend that kind of job searching. I met some of my old classmates too. It is not easy to find jobs specially if you are from other country but it is a challenge on how you mingled and manage!

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