Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Luxembourg In The North West Of Europe

Located in north-west of Europe separated by the boarders of Belgium and west of France, where you can find a small country of Luxembourg. It does provide that much of interesting places, scenic views, amazing landscapes and mainly much of their historical atmosphere. With a lesser crowd but with good food and interesting places to visit, Luxembourg is the place for you to go. It’s a fairy-tale like place, where kings, queens and knights are all in your imagination, a Cinderella place to be, of course with a happy ending. Where the history can show in itself by their victories and wars, the fortresses and castles that’s been there throughout their independent country.

All lined up are the must see places and destination where you can easily be amazed in a wide range attractions and sights of every place. The General Patton Memorial Museum has 1,000 pictures and documented datas of the German colonial adoption in 1940. Where the weapons and all their mobilizations are displayed in remembrance. The ruins of Beaufort Castle in Echternach is an absolute tribute to the medieval times, that still brings back those torture days in the 12th century. There’s no other place like this, come and travel here and explore. It’s really the place to be.

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