Monday, November 7, 2011

Ready For The Test level 3?

Just yesterday we had a long test for three chapters. It was a bit tiring from 5.30 until 8. My norsk teacher was a bit sick too. After the test, she informed everyone that to those who will take exam early next year must be prepared. For me, I will try to take the Norsk prøve 3. That is needed when applying jobs too. So I feel a bit pressured. There so many students failed to pass Norsk level 3 just because it is more on grammar.

Will see, tomorrow will know the results of the exams. So hope everything is okey. My friends from Polland, Chille and Bosnia are confident but not me at all. Anyway, hoping for the best. The test will be by end of January, that will be still winter and cold for sure.

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