Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick Or Treat!!!

Are you In or Out? Halloween party is usually celebrates by Americans. This time of year a lot of my Filipina friends started to celebrate it here in Norway too. They are bringing the tradition from their homeland here. I did not able to do so just because I was in school yesterday. So I missed seeing those kids with different looks.

But not at all. A friend of mine showed me pictures of her kids roaming around the shopping mall for trick or treat. These pictures below is from Philippines. Kids love bringing that orange basket and go in store and they get candies or other stuff but mostly candies.

It is funny for kids but for adults maybe yes or maybe no. I did not try wearing halloween costumes yet. I cannot imagine making up mess on my face specially here in Norway! Well, anyway this is just for fun specially for young ones.

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analou said...

We were giving out candies to kids and our two big packages were gone......those kids were so cute with their halloween costumes.

I was once dressed up and it was kind of fun dressing differently from your normal get up.