Sunday, December 4, 2011

A New Born Child Is A Gift

Today I am with a friend who just gave birth last week. The baby is adorable and cute. A blessing indeed! That's her third child! Looking at a newly born baby makes me happy. We took pictures together with her mom and the two siblings. I carried him for an hour and he just sleeping all day long!

Anyway, glad to see that my friend is in good health after she gave birth. Seems like nothing had happened! Happy that finally she saw her little angel. She is blessed and a cerified woman!!!

Congrats again my friend!


Elvirah said...

Isn't it an exciting thing to see a small baby who's just born and hold them in our arms? I just love holding little kids and its nice to know that your friend brought into this world a new life, a small baby girl, a little angel.

Anne said...

@elvirah , yes for sure! I am not a mom yet but truly I saw the joy of the parents.

Thanks for your drop!

gagay said...

yeah! so born child is indeed a gift!

gagay said...

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