Friday, February 24, 2012

How To Creat A Website

Blogging is a kind of hobby right? I started to join in this kind of online hobby when my cousin encourage me to do so. She is very good in this field, eventhough she don't have any programming skills at first. But she is clever to study and learn via online. I salute for her drive to know! Until such time that I started also but a bit hesitant at first because I don't know how to create a website in blogging form. By her help I learn little by little.

Aside from her, I tried to search online too. I am truly glad that I gave my YES to this kind of hobby. Learning to build your own site is really amazing. Allow me to say that I have a very good computer background and experiences but I am not focus on website creation or any online hobby like this.

So I feel like a beginner and trying to configure and understand different procedures on how to create a website. I am really interesting into this, I read online that there are a lot of individual who are looking for someone who can create a website and earn money. So could this be a good option? What do you think guys? But I am pertty sure this is need more dedication and focus at first! Will see!


MaxiVelasco said...

I so love blogging and glad to have created four weblogs. :)


Dhemz said...

I love blogging...more than a hobby...ehehehe! lami sis pag naa permi sulod ang!
hope all is well...salamat sa visit galore!

reyah said...

i do love blogging too...i am focus at blogging this past week, i only hope that it will continue.

shanecastane said...

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