Friday, February 24, 2012

Times Square New York City

It was then the center of the Theater district in the first World War, where the square itself is an ideal place for headquarters, celebrations and victory parties for political and social gatherings. It was then named Longacre Square. The area used are the 6th, 9th, 40th and 50th streets then soon named The Times Square.

Today, its main attractions are the billboards hovering on here and there, where it becomes a tourist attraction that is really famous and known for the place itself. It is really a major commercial city where it is known to be the busiest pedestrian intersection ever in the world today. Where visitors locally and internationally make their way to see this amazing place, it brings over 40 million visitors every year.

The perfect site for fashion and the likes are all here, it is just waiting for you to visit and experience. Various events and celebrations held here and they provide plenty of seats for every guest. It is really a place to see and get attracted yourself and amazed by the lights and sounds that will make you hook on to it. New York Times Square is a place to be, come let us visit!

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