Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who Is Leonardo DiCaprio?

I remember this actor for his great acting skills on the film Titanic. It was really a great movie for me,that is why I want to watch Titani Movie in 3D soon. For the acting he made was so natural and just got me hooked on this film ever. It was Leonardo DiCaprio or Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio in real name. Born and raised in Los Angeles, America on November 11, 1074.

He really has that good look, great acting ability and a hunk as may say. He really likes acting since he was just a child, even his parents separated early he continue to explore what his talent is all about. His career boosts on his television commercials before, then on sitcoms as well.

With great performance on the movie The Aviator in 2004 where he won Best Actor on the Golden Globe Award and many more. What more you could ask for when you got to see him on the big screen, he really is awesome and blessed with talents and skills when it comes to acting. I love the way he portray his role and execute them beautifully. For sure we have to wait for another movie that will sure to prove his great acting capability and bring us again on another level.

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