Monday, May 21, 2012

Get To Know the perks of renting textbooks

I am calling all college goers out there. Are you struggling of buying books in all your subjects in school? Are those books cost a lot? Does your parent complains all the big expenses in your schooling? Well, I am not telling you not to buy a textbook but I am just here giving you some option to lessen your expenses. Why not rent textbooks at the CampusBookRentals? This is known as your textbook alternative. You can rent books that you need and save up to 40-90% off of bookstore prices, enjoy free shipping both ways. They also offer flexible renting periods. This will really help you save and of course you can rent many books as you need. So if you decided to rent then, you just go to their page and you will find the right procedure on how to rent or watch this video to know the FAQ about rentals.

If you are studying computer programming courses, you might interested to rent this book which fits you this is entitled Computer Systems : A Programmer's Perspective by Bryant, Randal E. and O'Hallaron, this is available in their page. If you will buy this in bookstore online it cost $100.86 but if you will check and rent this book at CampusBookRentals it will only cost you for as low as $38.30 good for the whole semester. You can return the book right after or request for extension if you are not still done using. So this is very convenient to all students out there. Take a chance to explore and rent textbooks in just one click away!

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