Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Hip Hop Genre

This group really makes great and good music together; on the songs they played they really hooked on to the listeners and enjoyed the songs very well. This group under the hip hop genre was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1995, and one of the members is a Filipino that’s Apl de ap, and I’m proud of him, wil I am, taboo and Fergie the singer, but most of them sings as well. In 2003, they released the song Where is the love?

That make a hit, then Shut up and of course My humps and Don’t punk with my heart that make Platinum in the US four times in a row, what can you say? They just proves to be they have they have the edge. Who can ever forget the song Boom, boom pow that took the billboard nation and make the song number one. I Gotta feeling makes a record at number two on the Billboard.

Rock that body and Meet me halfway make ways also in their 2009 album. Really a great group, of great talents and great ideas of music and rhythms of hip and hop genre that sum up with wonderful songs and makes us proud to have them.

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