Thursday, May 3, 2012

One of the famous rockers 'Jon Bon Jovi'

One of the famous rockers on our time, and he is one of my favorite. I can still remember the year’s way back when I was still on my high school days; Bon Jovi really hooked up the listeners of the music that he makes. He is John Francis Bongiovi Jr. in real name, born and raised in America on March 2, 1962. He is also a songwriter, actor and the lead singer of his rock Band, Bon Jovi. And his band recorded and released two solo albums and sold for over one hundred million copies around the globe, and considered as one of the most riches band on 2011.

Jon Bon Jovi’s wife is Dorothea Hurley and he has four kids, Stephanie Rose, Jesse James Louis, Jacob and Romeo. The songs that they make are usually about love and devotion. Here are some of the songs: You give love a bad name, It’s my life, Livin’ on a prayer, Bad medicine, I’ll be there for You (one of my favorites) Blaze of glory, Have a nice day and so much more. He also has been chosen to be on the list of fifty most beautiful people in the world way back in 1996.

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