Friday, July 27, 2012

I surrendered!!!

In facebook I saw some link about gaming and as I always said I hate to accept games on facebook and I don't like to upload apps from it! Facebook for me is not for gaming. But at the end I accidentally click on that link and bring me to the game called "theville" maybe some of you know's already what this game is but for me this is my 1st time. So I surrendered, I gave it a try the other day!

And what??? Funny hahaha... I enjoyed for a 15 minutes gaming. I admit that game can be good for relaxation haha. But since I am not familiar I just click on and click on those icons displayed then got some people who invited me in that game! But I did not accept their invitations! LOL

Until yesterday one of my friend told me like this:

Julieta: Hey! I am your neighbor now?
Me: Neighbor? You live far from here.
Julieta: No in facebook game.
Me: What? Are you also playing that game?
Julieta: Yes I am starting now.
Me: Oh you are addict!
Julieta: You know I visited your house and I saw you have a very sexy outfit.
Me: What outfit?
Julieta: Your wearing a very sexy summer outfit.
Me: LOL... Oh no! I just click on those icons and don't know what had happened it changed out my dress to a summer look. LOL
Julieta: You are so sexy there...
Me: Sorry I do not know, and did not come back there again.
Julieta: Come back again, I am now enjoying the game.
Me: Hahaha... no not now! (not now?) hahaha...

Anyway, gaming can be addicted! So careful... well, just give it a try and it is up to you to stop it!

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