Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wedding Motif Suggestion

Wedding is one of the important days a couple could have in their entire life, thus making it special is what the best thing they do.

For man, of course giving your woman her ideal wedding is the best gift you can give in her life with that, coming up with unique idea and motif for your important day should one you consider the most. There are varieties of themes a person could choose for his/her wedding that depends on the type they like. But if you really love the idea of having a unique wedding then they can come up with a garden motif, where french lavender is their main flower and the rest comes with lavender color too which is really perfect for garden themed-wedding. Aside from that, they can even mixed it up with other colors too as long as it won’t give opposite outcome to the main idea.

Well, they can even try some other themes too, but lavender is indeed a great concept for a unique color of wedding though. This color often used in wedding hence this makes it very extraordinary than the usual white wedding. And if you really want to try something unique then try lavender instead.

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