Friday, August 3, 2012

The Smallest production car

I am currently ready yahoo news and found interesting headline this smallest production car called Peel P50. It only has the measurement of mere 54 inches long and just 41 inches. What a cute car, if you can find yahoo news it is there now. It has no reverse gear as yahoo said on the description , this means that you can have difficulties to maneuver in tights or narrow situations. This Peel car has only one headlight, one door and powered. I can say this is really small. This Peel P50 is hand built in Great Britain. You can find more interesting story about this car in yahoo news.

Note: Pictures were from This is not my own photo, so if anyone would like this photo to be remove here, just leave a message here and will surely do it. Just want to share here! If you would like to find the complete information then find it online.

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