Sunday, October 28, 2012

Once a Wishful Thought

By now, I think many have already known the fairest fairy of them all. That is because many of my blogger friends have already experienced the kindness of Fairy Hobmother. So I want to be very straightforward here by telling you guys that he, yes you heard it right, has touched a lot of hearts already in the blogosphere when he showered them with what they wished for themselves or for their kids.
And if you have been looking for him, this is your chance now, leave a comment on this blog, who knows you will be the next lucky blogger and could probably be the next person to say, that my wish was granted by Fairy Hobmother. I also became his follower in Twitter and I want you to do the same so he can feel your presence.

Although nobody really knows when will he comes to you and pay you a visit but who knows, for he works unexpectedly. And when he does, he always brought with him a surprise gift that you have been longing to have. Then you will be dumbfounded by the realization that what was once a wishful thought has now become a reality and you are either holding or touching it right now.


Mommy Dharlz said...

wow! congratulations. I wish the fairy hob mother will visit my blogs too.

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