Monday, January 7, 2013

Doggy do and doggy do nots

You may not realise but there is actually a long list of foods that dogs should not eat. Some people regularly feed their dog leftover scraps and bring home doggy bags but whilst you think you may be treating your dog to something lovely you might actually be causing them grave danger.
Here are some of the top foods that dogs are not allowed:

Chocolate. Most people know not to give a dog chocolate but some will not know why. Chocolate contains a toxic agent called theobromine which when eaten by dogs can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, thirst and in the extreme abnormal heart rhythm, seizures, tremors and death. This toxin is found in all chocolates but more so in dark chocolate.

Onion and Garlic. Whether it is cooked or raw garlic and onion in either large quantities or regular small quantities can destroy a dogs red blood cells which leads to anaemia.Symptoms of anaemia include weakness, vomiting and breathlessness.

Caffeine. In large quantities caffeine can be fatal to dogs. Caffeine is found in cocoa,chocolate, some fizzy drinks, tea and coffee. Whilst it is unlikely you would offer your dog those foods ensure they are out of reach for them to steal. Some cold medicines and painkillers contain caffeine which is another reason why should not give your dog human medication.

Grapes and raisins. These harmless looking fruits appear to cause kidney failure in dogs, scientists are unsure why this occurs but just a few can make a dog ill. Signs of illness are vomiting, lethargy and depression.

Dairy products. Milk based products can often cause an allergic reaction in dogs with symptoms including diarrhoea and strangely itching.

To keep your dog on a healthy diet it is best to feed them a top quality dog food, avoid giving them human food and ensure they cannot reach human food to steal. Some of the best quality dog foods include Purina Pro Plan, Naturediet and Arden Grange Dog food. All of these foods are nutritionally balanced and provide your dog with the necessary nutrients and vitamins needed for healthy growth and development. They are made using natural ingredients of the highest quality.

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