Saturday, January 19, 2013

Have fun while gaming

Do you love gaming? Well, I admit before maybe 10 years ago I’ve been addicted to gaming together with my officemates. During break time we do games and even rent computer outside just to have battle in games. That was so crazy but really had fun. But now, I am so tired of gaming I just barely click on my phone sometimes for just a very simple puzzling game and nothing more.

I have a friend that she never quits gaming online and offline. How crazy is this woman… she find it very interesting to be updated in games. She is even active in what we called drinking games. Sounds strange but she does. This is kind of a game that will lead you to excitement and of course not a very common kind of games. I inserted here some pictures for you to visualize these kind of games.

And if you wonder really where and what this game photos means, try to visit the link provided above and you will see what I am talking about here. Make sure to discover this kind of games if you are a game lover. I am pretty sure that you will like and want this kind of game as an alternative to the one you have now. Anyway, gaming gives energy to both your body and mind. It helps your mind more active and alert, but it is of course depend on the game you are playing for.

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