Sunday, January 6, 2013

What Are The True Benefits of Guest Blogging?

If you stay up to date with the world of internet marketing, you’ve probably heard that you should be guest blogging. But the real question that you should be asking is ‘why?’ Yes, it can be used to gain some great quality backlinks, and that’s essential for your search engine rankings. The truth is though, blogging requires time, creativity and effort, and there are much easier ways to acquire links back to your site .

The reason why it’s so popular is that the benefits go far beyond link building. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should be considering adding it to your online marketing tools.

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field 

When people start to see your name appearing on the biggest blogs in your industry, they’ll start to pay attention. They’ll recognise that you’re providing some high quality insights, and they’ll start to look out for your contributions and seek to find out more about what you do.
And of course, if they ever need to use services that you provide, you’ll be high up in their list of options.


Staying ahead of your game 

If you’re only creating content for your own blog, it’s easy to get a bit lazy. But when you need to impress a fellow blog owner to be in with a chance of having it published on their site, it forces you to think of more innovative ideas and angles on your subject.
As a result of this, you ensure that you’re keeping up to date with all the important issues that you need to know about. 

Improving your writing 

Writing is a skill that benefits almost all business owners. Whether it’s content for your website, blog posts or other promotional materials, it’s a good idea that you know what you’re doing. As with most things, the best way to improve is to keep doing it.

Though there’s always the option to employ a copywriter, writing your own content is a great skill to have just in-case you need it one day.

Driving quality traffic to your site 

Submitting your pages to sites like StumbleUpon might result in high numbers of traffic, if you’re lucky, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll be high quality traffic. When a reader comes to your site because they've read one of your guest blogs, it’s because they’re genuinely interested in what you do.

That means a lot more qualified visitors who could potentially want to buy from you.

Building relationships 

When you strike up a good relationship with a blog owner and regularly contribute content to their site, you never know what might come of it. There’s the potential for future partnerships and possibly even lucrative business deals.

Even in the short term, it’s a great way to make connections with others in your industry, which is always a useful thing for any business owner to have.

And finally, you get the back link to your site! So as you can see, the benefits of guest blogging go much further than you probably first thought.

To ensure that your guest blogging is a success, start by reaching out to some fellow blog owners with great content ideas. You’ll quickly learn what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll find that over time, you bring countless benefits to your business.

About the author: This article was brought to you by Mark Johnson, on behalf of WebSearch SEO. Experts in providing advanced SEO Services for businesses of all sizes. 


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