Sunday, February 3, 2013

In Showbiz Mode Today!

I am in the mood of sharing out tonight about Julia Roberts. I am pretty sure not only love this actress. She is adorable and a very good actress right? Anyway, I love to watch the movie “My Best friend’s Wedding” over and over. I find it very romantic and full of love.

I actually even bought a cd to watch it over at our house when I was a teenager and even record a scene on my cell phone. I was hooked to this film so much and included Julia Roberts on my favorite artist lists ever. Julia Roberts or Julia Fiona Roberts as her real name, born on the 28th day of October.

This American lady really addresses a very important part for being included on Hollywood stars. She had been the best after her movie Pretty Woman, and of course Steel Magnolias in 1989. Who would ever forget her movies she did on the 90’s like Nothing Hill, The Runaway Bride and of course my favorite, My Best friend’s Wedding in 1997. She is not just a talented actress, but she really put a spot on her audiences heart for being included in the People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People in the world”, not just once, but eleven times! A really beautiful lady inside and out, an actress everybody knows, her movies are top-grosser, who else? But the only, Julia Roberts!

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