Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Such a busy days

Days runs too fast! I cannot imagine we are now heading to April. Next week will celebrate holy week and after that April comes in. Been so very busy from the past few days ago, both work and personal errands. So here I am again trying to get back. I actually don't have time to visit other bloggers too. Hope next week can find some time but will see.

Anyway, this week got two packages from U.S. Thankful for my virtual friend who truly like my sisters. They are both willing to buy something I need here and ship directly to me. Imagine those two friends are just known through blogging yet I feel so safe having good friends with them. It is worth having friends online if they are all like them, right?

By the way, it is still winter here! Where is the spring time? I do hope that snow will go away as soon as possible and would love to have sunshine over here. Today it snowed and super cold. So hope to feel spring and summer soon. Please cold weather go away come again next year haha.

Have to park now!!! Have a great evening to all!

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