Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pay for writers online!

Are you one of those who hired writers for you to write an article? Well, there are many ways to earn online now. Just awhile ago I watched some videos online on many tips on how to earn while you are at home. It just need time and effort to search for the legal one. If you ask google search for that then a lot of keywords is coming up but choose which one you feel real. Or ask some of you friends around.

One of those is to become a 'ghost writer' you can write and article to someone who needs. Many bloggers are busy and they are hiring someone to write in their behalf. They have to pay per words and so far for now it's usd1 for every 100 words and not bad at all. If you have the talent to write this is very easy for you.

If you are a programmer and can design a website you also have the chance to introduce yourself as a webpage designer. A  lot of blogger who are in needs of blog renovation /make-up. I am one of those who is currently looking for. My old designer is now very busy with her kids so no time for making template. I usually pay $25 to $30 for complete design in a blog. I don't pay more than that too. I'd rather have to find free templates online.

So there are many ways to earn. Or if you are into blogging then a way for you to earn a little also. This is only for past time yet very ok. Try it and you will be amaze!

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