Sunday, June 23, 2013

A bit sick :-(

I am still a bit sick but no fever at all. Good that my fever stayed just one night, but cold and coughing remains. I hope this wont not get worst as I need full energy for the upcoming work. Today we had a short walk at the golf area and it helps. Good enough that there was no heavy wind while walking. I got a bit exercise indeed.

Anyway today is the longest light of the day here. And I read along on news that today also is the supermoon for 2013. Amazing indeed. By the way, today is called 'Sankthansaften' here. It means that usually people who loves to have party outdoor use to have celebration with firing of woods. It symbolizes light of summer.

If you can check on google pictures will show about what I am talking about. Hope for no more rain tonight so that it will be remarkable for those who are outdoor til midnight.

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